In other's words...


"Our son had played basketball from third grade to fifth grade but had never really developed the skill set to be a player. He enjoyed the game and being on the team, but was not very confident about his abilities.  Then in sixth grade he didn’t make the team.  It was a shock to him, and he was very disappointed.  To his credit, rather than give up, he decided to improve his skills so that he could make the team the next year.  He started going to Phil Taylor’s sessions about ball control and started developing those skills.  Under Phil’s coaching and with the training aids and drills that Phil used, our son started developing the skills that would make him a better ball player and started gaining confidence in his abilities.  Phil’s no-nonsense approach helped him immensely. He would give a brief description of the drill and then expect the kids to learn it through several repetitions.  He would switch up the activities so the kids wouldn’t get bored with one before he started another one.  As a result of his hard work and Phil’s coaching, this year our son made the seventh grade team and is an important part of the team."


​“We were introduced to training through NU-Vision Sportz in the Fall of 2014, and we were very pleased with the professionalism and training techniques that our daughter, Mackenzie Green, received by Phil Taylor.  Intense ball-handling, shooting, and agility drills will help take Mackenzie to the next level.”​


“Phil Taylor has worked with my son Thorin since 8th grade. My son just signed with Bethel College and went over 1000 points for his high school career. Couldn't have accomplished either without Phil Taylor. He pushed my son and made his ball handling outstanding."​


“Janae was my teammate for 4 years. We went through a lot of coaches while I was on the team, but Janae always felt like a coach to me. She picked up on drills and workouts faster than most of our teammates. She was always offering advice, tips and words of encouragement." 


"Phil Taylor has helped my daughter with her basketball skills; handling the ball, shooting, and defense. By doing this it has increased her confidence and it shows on the court. She is now getting more playing time. We are so pleased with her progress."


"I've known and coached with Phil for as long as I've been in Richmond.  He has a great passion and mind for the game of basketball and he does a great job of teaching and motivating young people to be better players." - Casey Pohlenz, Head Girls Basketball Coach at Richmond High School


"My daughters have been working with Phil for over a year now.  Phil’s training has helped them both with ball handling, agility and defense.  Phil wants the kids to reach their highest potential and will work with them to achieve that. He is a true professional!"