Individual Training Sessions

To get the ultimate in personal attention, individual training sessions are a great option. We will work directly and only with one student for the entire training session. These training sessions are tailored to the individual player and the player, parent and/or coaches’ input is very much wanted and appreciated, so that we may help you get exactly what you want to out of your individual sessions. Rather the focus be on ball handling, shooting, defense, conditioning or speed NU-Vision Sportz can help you improve.


Small Group Training Sessions

Nothing is better than actual game play and competition with your peers to help solidify and perfect your game. When forming small groups it is best to keep the kids around the same skill level and age. We know this is not always possible, but it is a great opportunity for older, more skilled players to help guide and teach. 



NU-Vision Sportz camps will give your child the opportunity they need to develop overall skills, including leadership. Training camps not only put an emphasis on improving fundamental skills and personal goals, but also better court sense. Working on your skill set while also learning about the five on five game will help your child become a more well rounded player. 


Our team of dedicated trainers are here to help in every aspect of the training process. 



My experience with coaching and training covers many sports such as volleyball, track, and baseball, but my background is heavily focused in basketball. I've coached basketball teams of all ages, leagues, levels and genders. With more than 20 years experience, I have much knowledge and expertise to offer. You'll find that I am dedicated and passionate about personal training. 


Speed and quickness has always been my passion. Growing up I played many sports, but soon realized my true talent was running. From 2008 to 2013, I was a short sprinter at Ball State University. My time there gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to improve my speed and take my athleticism to the next level. 


Seara is a certified fitness trainer. Seara has a passion for creating unique workouts that challenge your body and improve your skills. Working out doesn't always have to feel like work. With customized workouts made for your indiviual abilities training with a certfied fitness trainer can be not only beneficial, but exciting as well!